The Third Reich From Original Sources

This is one of the most controversial books of the 20th Century. Published in English in 1940 by the Nazi Foreign Office under the direction of Ribbentrop, this volume was a key part of the attempt by the National Socialists to convince a sceptical world that there was a real justification for the use of force against Poland.

There is no question that many of the atrocities depicted in this book were real and many innocent people undoubtedly suffered terribly as a result of the ethnic tensions in Poland. These criminal acts would be condemned by any right thinking person and cannot be condoned under any circumstances. They do not, however, represent a justification for World War II and their use in this manner by the Nazi Foreign Office sadly detracts from the real human suffering of these long forgotten victims of injustice.

The cataclysm of World War II soon buried these sad stories under layer upon layer of further outrage, each worse than the last. This nonetheless remains an important book as, coming from such an unexpected source, it forces us to think again and essentially speaks of the inhuman urges that lurk in all of us and which can emerge from the least expected quarter at any time. This sobering volume remains a stark warning from history and cautions that we must remain ever vigilant for genocidal maniacs of every political persuasion.


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