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ROLL IT MAPPE di tutte le unità in tutti i teatri 1943

Comando Supremo. Ufficio Operazioni
Stato Efficienza Divisioni.

Reports on the efficiency of divisions of the, Italian armies. Jan – Sep 1943.

Comando Supremo. Ufficio Operazioni.
Situazioni Grafiche 1943.

Monthly situation reports of the armed forces with
charts and diagrams. Jan 1 – Jul 1, 1943.

Stato Maggiore Regio Esercito.
Situazione Descrittiva delle Grandi Unità.

Monthly order of battle reports for Italian corps, divisions, and some brigades showing name of unit, next higher, echelon, location of headquarters, and name of commander. Jan 1 – Jul 1, 1943.

Comando Supremo. Ufficio Operazioni.
M.V.S.N. – Quadro di Battaglia.

Order of battle data for Italian armies and corps in Italy, France, Corsica, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Montenegro, Greece, Albania,, Russia, and Africa showing names of subordinate units. Jan 1 – May 1, 1943.

Comando Supremo. Ufficio Operazioni.
Quadro di Battaglia.

Order of battle data showing locations of Italian units (armies, corps, divisions) in Italy, France, Corsica, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Montenegro, Greece, Albania, Russia, and Africa, and giving name a of commanders and other information. Jan 1 – Jul 1, 1943.

Comando Supremo. Ufficio Operazioni.
Stato Efficienza Divisioni.

Reports on the efficiency of divisions of the, Italian armies. Jan – Sep 1943.

Stato Maggiore Regio
Situazione descrittiva delle grandi unità (fino alle Brigate non indivisionate) esercito alla data del 1° Agosto 1943.

Organization charts compiled by the Army General Staff of the entire Italian Army, including German units stationed in Italy, showing armies, corps, divisions, and brigades, and giving name of superior unit, locations of headquarters, and the name of the commanding officer, as of Ago 1, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Situazioni grafiche in visione all’eccellenza il capo di Stato Maggiore Generale.

Charts and map sketches showing the number and locations of Italian divisions in Italy and their component regiments, and the number and locations of naval units and of air force units. Ago., Set. 1943.

Comando Supremo

Jo titles, Maps showing locations of main ltalian Army formations (Grandi Unità) in all Italian theaters of war on first of Marzo, Aprile, Luglio e Agosto 1943.

Comando Gruppo Armate Est
Rapporti di Situazioni.

Situation and unit history reports on the 9th Army in Albania. All Army in Greece, and XXVI Army Corps in Montenegro. Organization charts are included. Apr. 1, Ago. 13, 1943.

Comando Supremo
V: Operazioni – Situazione Operativa e Logistica al 26/7/43 – R. Esercito: Madrepatria e Francia Occupata, Balcani ed Egeo – Regia Marina – Regia Aeronautica. Memoranda and charts discussing the state of efficiency of units in the Army, Navy, and Air Force at the end of July, and the chances of a successful defense of Italy and of areas under Italian control. Included are maps of Italy, showing the location of Italian and German divisions on Luglio 20 e 27, 1943, and maps of Yugoslavia, Albania and northern Greece, showing the locations of joint operations against partisans. Lug. 20. 27, 1943.

FORZE ARMATE TEDESCHE Situazione in Italia 1943

It dislocazione forze tedesche 1943

Comando Supremo
Enti delle tre forze armate germaniche dislocate in Italia.

Statistics on German forces in Italy, in the summer of 1943.

Comando Supremo
Divisioni Tedesche.

Memoranda, correspondence between the direzione superiore trasporti and the German liaison offices, and other records concerning the movement and transport by rail of the following German units in Italy: the Hermann Goering Division, the Reichsfsihrer Brigade, the 29th Panzer Grenadier Division, and others. Mag., Ago. 1943.

Comando XXV Corpo d’Armata
Passaggi di truppe germaniche.

Reports from road checkpoints along the Italo-Austrian border, with chant, showing number of German troops and vehicles passing. Set. 1-7. 1943.

Comando Supremo S.I.M.
Attività germanica nel campo del sabotaggio.

Report by Italian intelligence headquarters on German sabotage methods and activities. Ago. 1943.

LI. ArmeeKorps

la, Anlagenband 7 z. KTB. 1.

Reports, orders, messages, directives, officers assignment list, notes on staff conferences, and overlays pertaining to defensive operations, reorganization, artillery activity, coastal defense, construction of fortifications in the Apennines position, alert and transportation plans, evacuation and destruction of harbor facilities, defense against British landings, the disarming and subsequent reorganization of the Italian Armed Forces, and the activation, reorganization, transfer, relief, assignment, and training of the Corps units. Also, reports and a map concerning the flight of the Italian Fleet from La Spezia, the affirmation of the borders and the territorial authority of the Militirbefehlshaber Oberitalien, and an activity report of the Intelligence Officer for the period Ago. 26 to Set. 30, 1943, concerning the enemy tactical situation.

la, Unterlagen z. KTB, Gruppe Feurstein.

A report on a conferente in Innsbruck on Lug. 28, 1943, relating to the formation of Gruppe Feurstein to secure the Brenner Pass after the fall of the Mussolini government and reports, orders, directives, notes on staff conferences, charts and sketches pertaining to operations, order of battle, telephone networks, reinforcement from Austria, march plans, assignment of units, and the tactical situation in the Bolzano (Bozen), La Spezia, Verona, Padua, Borgo Val di Taro, and Rapallo areas. Also, notes on a conferente between Feldmarschall Rommel and Italian General Ambrosio concerning the disarming of Italian troops and reports regarding the operations of the Italian XXXV Army Corps under the command of General Gloria and the shooting of a German soldier by hostile ltalians. Lug. 28. Set. 7, 1943.


Comando XXXV Corpo d’Armata.

Correspondence, reports, and summaries of conversations concerning Italo-German military liaison. Lug. 31, Ago. 16, 1943

Presidente del Comitato Governativo Germanico
Accordo sulle prestazioni e somministrazioni reciproche delle Forze Armate Italiane e Germaniche.

Military pact of mutual assistance signed in Rome by the German and Italian armed forces commands. Set. 4. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Operazioni in Sicilia dal 9 Luglio al 17 Agosto.

Daily summaries of the Allied invasion and military operations in Sicily; reports on losses suffered and inflicted, especially concerning aircraft; copies of telegrams and orders issued by the Comando Supremo; reconnaissance reports; a telegram from Mussolini to Hitler requesting aid: and reports on discussions held with German commanders. Situation maps for each day show position of Allied and Axis forces. Lug. 9, Ago. 17. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Materiali concessi dalla parte germanica.

Correspondence cotary material sent frost lists quality. Mar. 12, Giu. 14, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Rapporto Capi Stato Maggiore. Daily reports from the chiefs of the General Staff concerning matters, such as military operations, the deployment of forces, and the movements of German divisions in Sicily and the rest of ltaly. Lug. 10, Set. 3, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Sintesi Avvenimenti, Aeronautica. Daily repoxts.compiled by Air Operations Branch at Comando Supremo and brief daily summaries of sorties flown by Italian reconnaissance, fighter, and bomber aircraft in the Mediterranean area. Also, daily summaries of German air activities, with sporadic details of Axis and enemy aircraft losses in combat. Ago. 1, Set. 4, 1943.
Comando 8a Armata
Visione e Firma. Charred directives and correspondence concerning antipartisan warfare in the province of Udine, and reports on the location and movement of German units in Venice-Giulia. Giu.. Sei. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Three maps of Crete showing the location of Italian and German units there, Mag. 31, 1943, Giu. 1, 1943, and undated. An Ozalid map of Greece showing the location of Italian and German units.

Comando Supremo Ufficio Operazioni C-3
Notizie sulla situazione in Germania. Study by Italian intelligence on the political-militar, situation in German,. Ago. 24-27, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Convegno di Feltre. Reports on a meeting of Mussolini and Field Marshal Keitel, Marshal Ambrosio. Under Secretary of State Bastianini, Ambassador von Mackensen, Hewel. and Alfieri, and Generals von Rintelen and Warlimont for discussion of the economic, political, and military situation with estimates of enemy and Axis potentials for war. Lug. 19. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Visita del Feldmaresciallo Kesselring al Maresciallo Badoglio. Minutes of discussion held at the Palazzo Vidoni between Field Marshal Kesselring and Marshal Badoglio, with General von Rintelen present. Lug. 15-26. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Prospettive operative per la difesa dell’Italia e della Balcania.

A study by Comando Supremo on the defensive setup of Italy and the Balkans in view of a possible Allied invasion, comparison of Axis and Allied, air strength in the Mediterranean area, the intervention of the Italian Navy, and the use of Italian coastal artillery. Also, maps of the Mediterranean area showing general areas of location and the number of Allied and Axis aircraft, of ltaly showing locationand degree of efliciency of units that ma, be employed in defending the coasts of Italy, and of the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean area showing general areas of location and the number of Allied, Axis, and Turkish divisions, the lines of natural defense in the Balkans. and the probable lines of Allied attack. Feb. 1943.

Comando Difesa Territoriale di Treviso

Correspondence, directives, orders, reports, telegrams, and telephone messages, dated Set. 8-11, 1943. concerning the defense of the Treviso region against possible German attacks and meaeures to be taken to preserve public order.

Comando XXXV Corpo d’Armata. Ordine Pubblico

Measures for maintaining public order in Italy, with special referente to the presente of German and ethnic German troops. Lug. 10, 1943. Ott. 19. 1943.

Comando Divisione di Fanteria “Arezzo”
Difesa posizioni comprese fra Pojani e Zemblaku.

Plans for resisting a possible German attack in Albania. Set. 9, 1943.

Comando 5a Armata
Attività reparti speciali, Reparti del 10° Reggimento Arditi; Esigenza SS. Esigenza S.A.

Correspondence, plans, and other related records concerning special boat units in Sardinia and Corsica, the formation ref an Arditi regiment and its dispatch to Corsica and Sardinia. and the defense of Sardinia in case of a landing there or a simultaneous landing on Sicily and Sardinia. Mag. Lug. 1943

Comando 5a Armata
Specchi delle Forze. Reports indicating number and types, of units in each subordinate command area of the 5th Army and total number of troops in all subordinate command areas. Lug. 6, Ago. 24, 1943.

Comando 5a Armata
Correspondence concerning the organization of the defense of Lazio and Rome. Records pertaining to the allocation of weapons to various units, construction of fortifications, and closure of the gap between the defenses of Lazio and Campania (the 5th and 7th Armies). Maps indicate the location of units, especially along the Lazio coastline. Lug.. Ago. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Map showing locations of main formations of the XVII Corpo d’Armata in Lazio. Lug. 1, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Relazioni: Capo di Stato Maggiore

Minutes of conversations between Generals Ambrosio, Rossi and Roatta, and other officers of the Army General Staff concerning matters such as the movements and transfers of large units, substitutions of commanding officers, the defenses on Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, and Corsica, German troops in Italy, the military situation in Yugoslavia, and the political situation in Corsica. Feb. 19, Lug. 30, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Attribuzione, ordinamento, forza del servizio informazioni militare.

A report by the military intelligence service of the Comando Supremo on its functions and organization, with a list of personnel, as of Feb. 8, 1943.

Ordini e direttive

Comando Supremo Servizio Informazioni Militare

Promemoria: atteggiamento tedesco. A memorandum citing comments by two. German officers on German intentions in Italy and, relations with the Badoglio government and the Italian General Staff, Ago. 22, 1943.

Comando 5a Armata
Bimonthly reports by Carabinieri units of the 5th Army on the morale of troops and of the population. Also, a few telegraphic reports concerning incidents involving aircraft and incidents involving Italian and German soldiers. Apr. 1942, Set. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Avvenimenti dei giorni 25 e 26 Luglio 1943. Ordini impartiti. A chronological account the events of the 25th and 26th of Luglio, especialy the resignation of Duce and the nomination of Gen. Pietro Badoglio to succeed him as premier communications from Badoglio concerning the Black Shirts Militia; copy of a letter from Mussolini stating willingness to cooperate with Badoglio and a communication from Badoglio to Mussolini explaining that the latter was asked to resign for his own safety. Lug. 25, 26. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Sintesi di relazioni varie, bollettini del servizio informazione Esercito, Aprile-Luglio ’43. Daily reports containing synopses from enemy or neutral press; intercepted telephone communications between German offices in Italy: intelligence collected by the Carabinieri Reali and the military intelligence service; intercepted embassy communications in foreign countries; and official Allied communiquees pertaining to the military situation, the situation in Italy, the attitude of enemy and neutral governments, morale of the troops, cooperation between the Axis partners, and other matters. Apr. 13, Lug. 31. 1943.
Comando Supremo
Daily reports containing extracts of intelligence reports submitted by the military intelligence service, the Carabinieri Reali, or derived from intercepted telephone communications between German offices in ltaly pertaining to the internal situation in Italy, the attitude of other governments, cooperation between the Axis partners, and other matters. Ago. I, Set. 6, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Two publications of the Ministero della Cultura Popolare, one entitled “Bollettino Intercettazioni Radiotelegrafiche, Servizio d’Ascolto delle Stazioni Radiotelegrafiche Estere dalle ore 19,30 alle 8,” and the other “Ascolto Notiziari Radiofonici, Servizio d’Ascolto Provenance Item delle Stazioni Radiofoniche Estere dalle Ore 19.30 alle 8” which contain extracts of official Allied and German communiquees and broadcasts on military and political news.

The text of a speech by Churchill at Harvard University is published in full and commented on Set. 7, 1943.
Comando Supremo
Attività Politica della Santa Sede. A memorandum of the Servizio Informazioni Servizio Informazioni Militare referring to appointments of the Cardinal Secretary of State with the Militare Apostolic Nunzio to Italy. the British Minister, and the Chargds d’Affaires of the United States and Italy: allo to an audience given by the Pope to the head of the Salesian Order in which the keeping of Rome as a open city is mentioned as a possible subject of discussion. The events mentioned in this document took place on Ago. 18 and 19. 1943. Ago. 20, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Sintesi di novità informative pomeriggio 3 Settembre. A report containing information gathered from various sources relating to the German troops in Italy and in South Tyrol: the landing in Calabria; movement of Allied troops in the Mediteranean; political and military events in Yugoslavia, Greece, and Russia; incidents involving German soldiers in Italy, and pacifist caemonstrations; information derived from various sources, including foreign radio broadcasts and foreign press, concerning the situation in Italy and other matters. Set. 3, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Sintesi di novità informative pomeriggio 4 Settembre. A report containing information on political and military matters gathered from various sources, including German forces in Italy, military operations in Calabria and movements of troops in the Mediterranean area, events in Yugoslavia, the Russian front, the Pacific theater, political events in other countries, and other matters. Set. 4, 1943.

Comando Supremo
Sintesi di novità informative pomeriggio 5 Set. A report containing information on political and military matters gathered from various sources concerning the German forces in italy. Allied movements in the Mediterranean, political events in other countries, operations in Calabria, and other matters. Set. 5. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Sintesi di novità informative pomeriggio 6 Set. A report including information on political and military matters gathered from various sources concerning German forces in Italy, Allied movements in the Mediteranean and preparations for a second invasion, and events in other countries. Set. 6. 1943.

Comando Supremo
Sintesi di novità informative pomeriggio 7 Set. A report containing information gathered from various sources on political and military matters, German forces in Italy, Allied movements in the Mediterranean, events in Croatia and other countries, operations in Calabria, and other matters. Set. 7, 1943.

Comando EMO Corpo d’Armata
Fascicolo importante. Mesi Ago., Set. 1943: “Corrispondenze Riservate”. A telegram from General Sorice giving instructions for a renewal of pross censorship (Set. 8, 1943) and extracts from a confiscated copy of the Ago. 12, 1943, issue of the then clandestine Communist newspaper L’Unità. Ago.. Set. 8. 1943. Filmed selectively.



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